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Updated: Nov 15, 2019

Give thanks! Thanksgiving is the time of remembering flavors, senses, and to be grateful for the season.

Bougies la Francaise a century of passion, one hundred years of making experience with a perfumer's heart!

GiftOnALine is proud to be part and provide you with genuine quality French candles. A special collection of perfumes brings back memories to our senses for the Holidays, starting with Thanksgiving! and offering you a variety of special candles for the all family to enjoy.

Classic Charm collection has a touch of femininity, like an embroidered flower, pastels and beautiful box signs by the calligrapher's pen.

The delicate flower scent of the Violet of Toulouse (a city in south of France), or wonderful fleur d'oranger (orange blossom)... will warm your hearts and bring memorable scents for a time of Thanksgiving!

We have tested the "bougie trouee" (hollow candle) from Bougies La Francaise.

I guess there is no need to introduce the hollow candle from Bougies La Francaise. It was used 200 years ago in the lighthouses of French Brittany coast, and it is still made in the traditional way.

We have tested the bougie "trouee" (hollow) from Bougies La Francaise. And it is amazing how long this candle can burn for! We lit the candle at 9am and it was still burning at 5pm... and this happened outdoors! (we still had some candle left to burn when we blew the flame off)...

When used under ideal conditions you will have no drip.

This candle is ideal to display on wedding tables, banquets, restaurants, at home. Looks great on an antique chandelier. Feel free to shop

APOTCARE Eye-lift serum with instant anti-wrinkle effect, inspired by the latest ophtamological and dermatological breakthrough.

All day long, your eyes are going through thousands micro-contractions widening your wrinkles. EYELIFT  is the first liftant care combining SWISSBOTEX®, hyaluronic acid, lyposomal vitamin C, Lifteye® and DMEA.  It releases the brightness of the eye contour and reduce the appearance of expression lines. The roll-on provides an intense feeling of freshness and massage the eye contour to activate micro-circulation.

​DRAMATIC EFFECT - PROVEN RESULTS  Wrinkles appear plumped, smoothed. Your eyes are radiant with youth. An expert care without surgery with proven effects: 92% of women saw an improvement in their eye contour in 4 weeks.

APOT.CARE offers a complete range of products for the eye area, with ultra-performing active ingredients and suitable for sensitive skin.

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