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ARTIGA French Linens

ARTIGA is the signature of striped canvases that have character.
A range of colorful linens, accessories and interior/exterior decoration inspired by colorful French landscapes in the Landes, Southwest France

ARTIGA linens, accessories and interior/exterior decoration made in the Southwest of France, are inspired by the Basque canvas on all natural, pure cotton or cotton-linen, renowned for robustness, frame and inimitable patterns.
In Europe, Asia or the United States, ARTIGA is a recognized brand and appreciated for its creativity and its French production which earned ARTIGA the "Origine France Garantie" label in February 2012.
ARTIGA canvas, stripes and colors, find their authenticity and flavors on the Atlantic Ocean, the Pyrenees and the Southwest of France.
Since 1999, ARTIGA -specialist in Basque canvas and home accessories- is reinvented each season, while respecting local know-how "made at home".
The adventure began in 1999 when Quiterie Delfour, the owner, invested in an existing sewing company located in Magescq in the Landes (SouthWest of France). The new director then makes a bold choice. At a time when everyone relocates, she chose to keep the entire production chain in Magescq.
Since its inception, ARTIGA plays with color codes of the Basque canvas without losing the identity of this cotton fabric known for its robustness and frame. The classic stripes represent the seven provinces of the Basque county.
ARTIGA is a  world of stripes and colors, "smart products" for every day.

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