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Top 10 tips to care for your candles


How to make sure a candle burns evenly?

Arrange your candle on a flat, stable surface . Make sure your candle is placed straight and away from drafts. Remove any wick or match residue from the candle container. These residues can indeed disrupt the combustion process and cause smoking, flickering or sinking of your candle. If necessary, refocus the wick . If your candle has several wicks, turn them on all the time so that the candle burns all over the surface.


How to make sure that the candle will not give off black smoke?

Avoid placing your candle in a draft. If this is the case, close the doors and windows. Too long a bit will produce a flame too large and black smoke. Before each use, check that the bit is not too long. 

The wick of your candle should measure about 1/2 inch . Trim it if necessary.


How long should a candle stay lit?

The rule to follow is that of liquefaction. A candle must remain lit for a long time so that its entire surface is liquid. This prevents crater formation and deposit on the sides of the glass. Ideally, a candle should remain lit between 2h30 and 3h (4h maximum) to avoid digging and liquefy the entire surface.


How to keep a candle?

Avoid prolonged exposure directly to strong lights, natural or artificial, to preserve the original color of your candles. Candles are also sensitive to strong temperature variations. Take precautions for transport by car. Do not put your candles on a lit fireplace or near a strong heat source. Ideally, keep your candles in a cool place and protected from light.


Why can not we use the candle entirely?

When using a glass jar candle, you must blow the flame off your candle when there is 1/2 inch of liquid wax left at the bottom of the glass to avoid the risk of heating the glass and damaging to your support.


Can scented candles reduce the smell of tobacco?

To fight against the smells of tobacco, it is not necessary to buy a special candle "anti-tobacco" because all our scented candles mask the smell.


How to dust and clean my decorative candles?

Clean your yellowed candles with a soft cloth soaked in household alcohol . As for colored candles, a little soapy water will suffice. To simply remove dust and fingerprints, an old stocking or nylon pantyhose will give them back the shiny appearance of the early days.


How to remove wax from the container of a candle?

The container of a candle can be reused for non-food purposes. In candy or pencil glass, give them a second life. A little patience and a simple kettle will suffice. Put your container in a place inaccessible to children and animals. Pour very hot water into the container. Wait a few hours, remove the solidified wax from the glass surface and wick. Last step: clean your container in the dishwasher.


How to remove dripped wax from a fabric?

A simple absorbent paper towel-type or blotter will allow you to remove the drops of wax fallen on your tablecloth and any fabric. Put one sheet on top of your fabric, another below. Use your iron set on warm. The heat will melt the wax that will become liquid and easily absorbed.


How can we determine the quality of a candle?

A lot of people rely on burning time in choosing their candle. However, it is not synonymous with quality. Several parameters come into play. For example:

  • It is necessary to take into account the quality of the raw materials which compose the candle;

  • The wick plays a major role in the combustion and must have a weaving adapted to the composition of the candle, but also to the diameter of the glass;

  • A luxury candle does not run, must not emit black smoke and must liquefy over its entire surface;

  • The perfume must be of quality , and must spread both cold and hot. It is lit a scented candle will reveal the character of its fragrance in its entirety.

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