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Perfumer candlemaker

A subtle and poetic art, showcasing the fragrant stories and taming the raw material to transform it into a creation Fragrances, scents and sweet aromas. Perfumes enrich the soul of our collections. They carry our senses away to a whole new place and open the doors to a marvelous imagination.

Herbe Coupée Bougies la francaise

Bougies La Francaise Fresh Cut Grass candle
Enjoy 20H of awonderful summer fresh scent.
Made in France

Check out our scented spring candles at gift on a line were we have been selling high quality candles Bougie La Francaise  since 2000. 
20 years serving you! 

Updated: Jan 29

GiftOnALine is delighted to add to our products range a safe and potent herbal line of products for your family's health and vitality. Natural Hope Herbals from herb to extract, products are made following current good manufacturing practices (cGMP) and FDA inspected. High quality herbs, careful attention to detail, and many quality checkpoints from raw herb to final product ensures amazing herbal products that your family can use with confidence.

Natural Hope is located on a 80 acres certified organic farm in the rolling hills of Pennsylvania, just eat of the Appalachian Mountains. On a typical summer day our field crew is busy planting, weeding, or harvesting vibrant fresh herbs and preparing them for the extraction process. Just a short hike from the herbal facility is a team of busy herbal enthusiasts mixing, pressing, testing and bottling herbals extracts.

In addition to herbs grown on our farm, we partner with a variety of wildcrafters, growers, and suppliers, who provide us with some of the best quality herbs available. The quality of our finished product reflects the high quality of the fresh or dried herbs we use

(Herbal product Guide)

America's Best Dripless Candle, comes with an exclusive design... the 8.5" hollow candles are inspired by the charms of the past for the delight of the followers of the retro decoration. Invented in the early 1900's, these vintage candles are signed Bougies la Francaise.

The hollow dripless candles are made of 5 small holes along their length and adopt a fluted foot. The holes allow the liquid wax to be recovered. The wax of the candle solidifies and can be burned again. This prevents the candle to drip. The fluted foot allows these candles to fit all types of candle holders, easy fitting by dipping in warm water to shape-to-fit.

Awarded a gold medal in Nantes in 1924, the original hollow shape offers a classic high quality candle. Bringing a real touch of authenticity, these dripless candles will look great on your table.

Sold in their vintage box of 8 or 20. Bougies La Francaise French dripless tapered dinner candles (also called traditional trouees) are a specific candle which allows more brightness of the flame - No dripping issues - Burns up to approximately 6 hours - Perfect for restaurants, weddings or all occasions.