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At GiftOnAline we are specialized in high-quality French Products such as Bougies La Francaise candles, scented lavender-soap-scented-candle-100-natural-wax and the original dripless tapered dinner candles.

Among all our products we have everything to make an elegant Christmas diner with Artiga linens , Placemats, and our Table runners the perfect finishing touch for your Christmas table!

You can also find your gifts for your love one with a variety of Aritga bags, pillows, French Espadrille shoes , and Bougies La Francaise scented candles, and much more...

Thank you for your business and support

Merry Christmas and Happy Hollydays!

The 13 desserts accompany the Provençal tradition at Christmas time. Indeed, in Provençal families, to respect this centuries-old ritual, it is necessary to plan to offer thirteen desserts to the guests during the Christmas meal. Twelve for the apostles and one for Christ.

You should know that the 13 desserts are served at the same time and in abundance on the table on Christmas Eve after the big supper which precedes midnight mass. They must remain on the table for three days and all the guests must taste each of these desserts. Obviously, over the centuries, the tradition of midnight mass has been lost, but the festive meal remains a special moment.

13 desserts, The list of 13 desserts in the Christmas meal of the Provençal tradition, Made in Marseille France

The story of the 13 desserts

The first mention of the thirteen desserts did not in fact appear until 1925. In a special Christmas issue of the newspaper La Pignato, a writer from Aubagne, Doctor Joseph Fallen, majoral du Félibrige, stated: “Here are a quantity of sweets , of delicacies, the thirteen desserts: you need thirteen, yes thirteen, not more if you want, but not one less.”

In his list, come first the pachichòis, another name for the four beggars (fig, almond, walnut and raisin) which must be used to make the poor man's nougat or capuchin nougat. Followed by hazelnuts, pistachios, and muscat grapes. Then come rowan berries, dates, apples, pears, oranges and “the last slightly wrinkled melon”.

Today, the lists of these 13 desserts diverge in Provence from one city to another. But there is a common basis: the four mythical beggars, the two nougats and the oil pump. You can also find quince or fruit paste, calissons, chocolate,

And elsewhere than in Provence?

This accumulation of sweets is found among Sephardic Jews during Rosh Hashanah where figs, almonds, grapes and turrado (nougat) are eaten.

It is the same among the Greeks of Egypt during the festivals marking the change of year. In the house, a tray filled with almonds, hazelnuts, walnuts, prunes and chestnuts is available to guests and visitors.

Catalonia celebrates Christmas in abundance with turrón, dried fruits, pastries made from almond paste, honey and spices. Languedoc has also adopted the thirteen desserts where cartagena replaces cooked wine. Tradition dictates that, once the meal is finished, everything is left in place, including the crumbs that scatter the table. These remains are supposed to serve as food for the spirits that roam the house and the deceased family members. The Armenians of Marseille did the same. For their Christmas Day, which is celebrated on January 6, they present the thirteen desserts accompanied by their specific pastries.

The list of 13 desserts from Provence

The four beggars and their religious significance:

Dried figs, whose gray color symbolizes the Franciscan order

Raisins, which represent the Dominicans

The almonds represent the Carmelites

Walnuts or hazelnuts symbolize the Augustinians

Fresh fruits, which as tradition dictates, had been preserved since September in cellars and attics, gradually joined by exotic fruits from the former colonies:

The grapes, preserved from the harvest from autumn to Christmas

End of season watermelon has the particularity of keeping well

Orange, which represents wealth, was gradually replaced by tangerine

Dates are the symbol of Christ from the East

An exotic fruit: kiwi, pineapple, mango…

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The Modern style of the box of Bougies La Francaise Hollow Dripless Candle is in harmony with these high end taper candles, for which Bougies La Franchise won the highest prize the French National Expo Fair in 1924!

Living Heritage Company Bougie La Francaise received this special label in 2018, a unique recognition of French excellence and creativity honoring a company that successfully combines manufacturing with a very high added value, passion and innovation. Their key product is Bougies La Francaise French dripless tapered dinner candles sold in a pack of 8.

These long candles with holes come in an old-fashioned case signed Bougies la Française. Invented in 1900, these vintage candles are adorned with an exclusive design for a decidedly retro look.

In the workshops of the French candlemakers Bougie La Francaise, women and men are beavering away behind closed doors. Like craftspeople, they are fashioning a collection of beautiful perfumed objects....since 1900...

The old-fashioned long candles are the best candles for you Thanksgiving tables,

Bougies La Francaise French dripless tapered dinner candles (traditional trouees) in vintage box of 8
  • Made in France since 1902

  • Specific candle which allows more brightness of the flame

  • No dripping issues

  • Burns up to 6-7 hours (approx).

  • Perfect for restaurants, weddings or all occasions.

  • Perfect to bring an elegant French touch to your Thanksgiving table diner

  • Box of 8 dripless tapered dinner candles

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