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GiftOnALine is delighted to add to our products range a safe and potent herbal line of products for your family's health and vitality. Natural Hope Herbals from herb to extract, products are made following current good manufacturing practices (cGMP) and FDA inspected. High quality herbs, careful attention to detail, and many quality checkpoints from raw herb to final product ensures amazing herbal products that your family can use with confidence.

In Europe, Asia or the United States, ARTIGA is a recognized brand and appreciated for its creativity and its French production which earned ARTIGA the "Origine France Garantie" label in February 2012. ARTIGA canvas, stripes and colors, find their authenticity and flavors from the Atlantic Ocean, the Pyrenees and the Southwest of France.

Traveling through south west Europe and "Basque Country" we can feel the authenticity and flavors of the Pyrenees an area between France and Spain. People in this region still have a "savoir-faire" from generations, where they apply techniques, creativity to shape beauty and harmonization of colors for the enjoyment of their customers. This is one of Artiga's mission. bringing color and light in the house of their customers with stripes, and colors.

Bring some color to the beach or by the pool with Artiga's towels  Step out of the ordinary with the purses and bags from Artiga. Choose to be DIFFERENT! 

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