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Customers appreciation

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01/01/2021: Best candles ever- Best candles, no wax dripping, have been using these for 20 years. Great flame, look lovely .

05/05/2020: Truly Dripless - These candles are genius! Love them. Worth the price, as they do not drip.

03/17/2020: best candles ever - We love to use candles especially at dinner parties but also just when enjoying a festive dinner en familie. These candles are far and away the best ever. Because of their hollow drip core technology they don't drip. Occasionally if in a draft that seriously blows the flame to a side, you will have drip issues, but barring significant draft, these things burn log and bright and dripless. Only candles we buy. We get boxes of 20 and because they each burn several hours, one pair of candles will last us for 2 or 3 dinners.

01/18/2020: I’ve seen the light... The best candles in the world!

11/24/2019: Dripless!! I love these candles. My house is drafty, and normal candles tend to create a Dracula's castle effect by the end of the evening. These candles almost entirely eliminate that problem along with the endless cleanup. Maximum stars!

08/13/2019: Favorite candles - The design allows for natural wax but less drip.


05/07/2019: Long lasting tapers - These are the best candles because of the design. The liquid wax fills in the holes and then hardens when it cools off. This makes the candles last much longer.

08/31/2018: Been buying these for years. They do not normally drip, but sometimes things happen. For these or any candle, you need to have a steel candle sharpener and a tin of stick-um. All fitting problems solved.

03/01/2018: The best candles! Long-lasting, dripless. Excellent product!

02/05/2018: We have European candle holders and could never get a candle that would fit in the base without wobbling... the flanges at the bottom of this make sure its a snug fit every time (just twist it in). The flame also burns brighter than other candles, May have something to do with the hole/wax channel design. More expensive than others, but worth every penny.

01/02/2018: Dripless. Yes, really! Seem to burn slowly enough, too - was worried they'd be gone in an hour. Will buy again.

12/20/2017: These candles are great. They burn and do not drip. Truly amazing.

03/27/2017: Excellent product; quick shipping; highly pleased

01/22/2017: Love these candles. They look great & burn long. Will definitely keep purchasing.

01/06/2017: Fabulous candles ! not a drop on the table  Perfect

01/03/2017: Great! very fast delivery. wonderful candles. definitely dripless. had one going last night in a room with two windows open and a strong cross breeze (was windy here last night), and no issues at all, not a single drip. and a lovely tall flame as well. will absolutely be buying more. great as a gift too, the box is very pretty. anyway, very highly recommended

06/22/2015: These were so hard to find for years. I am so happy to see them available again. Yes, they are a little pricey, but are the best dripless candles anywhere. Great service from this seller.

12/31/2014: These candles were used for a candle ceremony for our Girl Scout Award ceremony. We needed candles that had minimal dripping. We used 15 candles of the package & only one dripped a little. They worked perfectly!

11/26/2014: Superior quality candles with a wide collar on the bottom end for excellent fit into the holders. There are channels inside the candles, so there's no dripping mess. They burn beautifully, do not emit any odors, and look absolutely lovely. You will use and love these candles and come back for more.

08/04/2014: Great candles, won't ever buy any others, now that i found these. Actually fit in candlesticks properly, and burn cleanly!!!

06/26/2014: This seller got the product to me right on time and wrapped perfectly. I'd use them again happily.

05/07/2014: I have yet to burn any of our new candles, but they are lovely. None arrived broken, and I did put them into our new cut lead crystal candleholders successfully. Sometimes candles don't fit well - which of course means the edges must be shaved or the candle wobbles and drips. Because of how well these fit, I look forward to enjoying them not dripping, at some once-and-future dinner party.

04/19/2014: Bougies are the best candles to buy - "For years, I have been buying Bougies for my candle needs. Once available at a national chain of retailers, they now must be purchased from the US distributor, which I happily did. Now they are even more convenient as the vendor works with Amazon, and ships these by prime. Bougies, have hollow spaces around the wick to allow the melted wax to collect in the candle, and make far less mess than usual candles. They burn cleanly and seem to last longer than the solid candles."

04/15/2014: Great dripless candles -  "I have spent too much time ironing wax out of tablecloths and taking a hairdryer to wax-laden floors and walls where candles dripped from sconces. When I bought these candles it was after trying many "dripless" candles from a variety of makers. They are pricey, but they worked. Once the candles start to burn you can see the "technology" behind the candle -- there are long hollow columns that allow the wax to drip in instead of run out/over. I wish they came in colors, but I would buy these again and recommend them to anyone who is frustrated by dripless candles dripping."

10/28/2013: THE BEST - "These are long lasting, truly dripless candles. Great product, high quality for a great price, we use them several times a week!"

02/26/2013: Perfect! - "We eat dinner in our dining room by candlelight every night. So, I needed a classic candle that I could buy a good number of at one time. These candles fit the bill perfectly. I needed a dripless, unscented white candle. Done. Our candelabra is an antique and has larger candle holders. Every single taper candle I found in stores was too small. I expected these to be too small also, but at least they were dripless. So, when I ordered them, I also ordered candle adhesive, to keep them upright. I did not need it! The thicker base was perfect. So, done and done!"  

W.W. (March 2011): "These things cost a fortune but over hundreds of dinners at our house they absolutely positively have never dribbled! OK, that's an overstatement because the kids somehow managed to coax a drop of wax from a burning candle -- once. But seriously, they're the best candles we've had. An unscientific guess is that they burn for around four hours. My one beef is that the base is kinda large with lugs that bring the diameter to around 7/8". Fortunately the lugs can be shaved off with a sharp knife. The 13/16" diameter candle (it's probably metric, duh!) itself is pretty much straight sided. A box of these candles makes a terrific house warming or hostess gift if you're tired of the ol' bottle of wine or flowers gig. "   


M. (Feb. 2011): "I found a set of these in a thrift store, and now I will never buy another brand again. The candles burn completely clean without any wax spill or sediment. They last a long time and provide the 'perfect' amount of candlelight. I cannot speak highly enough of these great candles. Worth every penny. "


"These candles are like none other. They are absolutely the best candles on the market. As far as I can tell, this company is the only supplier of these fine candles. Fantastic service, received my beautiful candles in less that 3 days!!" 


"These really are the best candles! They burn evenly and are drip free. Hard to find in any of my local retailers. Added benefit is the vintage-style packaging design!"

"These are the best candles - last long, don't drip, wish they were in colors". C.S. "loves candles" (March 2010) 

"I love these candles!!! No messy dripping. I only wish that I could order more then one box at a time. "

C.C. (Feb. 2010): "I use these candles in a candle chandelier over my dining room table, so performance is very important. There are hollow channels in each candle and this design prevents dripping. They burn cleanly and slowly. They are the best candles I've ever used - perfect performance and no distracting scent. " 

"An Honor To Do Business With. Will B Back. 5 Stars. Many Thanks" 

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