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APOTCARE Eye-lift serum with instant anti-wrinkle effect, inspired by the latest ophtamological and dermatological breakthrough.

All day long, your eyes are going through thousands micro-contractions widening your wrinkles. EYELIFT  is the first liftant care combining SWISSBOTEX®, hyaluronic acid, lyposomal vitamin C, Lifteye® and DMEA.  It releases the brightness of the eye contour and reduce the appearance of expression lines. The roll-on provides an intense feeling of freshness and massage the eye contour to activate micro-circulation.

​DRAMATIC EFFECT - PROVEN RESULTS  Wrinkles appear plumped, smoothed. Your eyes are radiant with youth. An expert care without surgery with proven effects: 92% of women saw an improvement in their eye contour in 4 weeks.

APOT.CARE offers a complete range of products for the eye area, with ultra-performing active ingredients and suitable for sensitive skin.

The magical reaction when lighting a scented candle wakes the senses up and offers a delightful sensation that brings back a memory, a feeling, a smile to our heart and mind. Imagine what would a summer be without flowers fragrances, fruits flavors and fresh cut grass smells. A scented candle can offer these for your city home to feel like you are in the countryside again. Get an invitation to the awakening of your senses with Bougies La Francaise scented candles for a fragrant summer.

Creative spirit in the heart of Bougies La Francaise candles making company, is tucked away a multi disciplinary workshop where creator, designer and graphic designer together search for and invent stories of light with unforgettable fragrances. Permeated with the zeitgeist, inspired by the major trends appearing on the horizon, it is here that new ideas come to life for our top-of-the-range collections that are so eclectic and luxurious that they leave no one indifferent....

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