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America's Best Dripless Candle, comes with an exclusive design... the 8.5" hollow candles are inspired by the charms of the past for the delight of the followers of the retro decoration. Invented in the early 1900's, these vintage candles are signed Bougies la Francaise.

The hollow dripless candles are made of 5 small holes along their length and adopt a fluted foot. The holes allow the liquid wax to be recovered. The wax of the candle solidifies and can be burned again. This prevents the candle to drip. The fluted foot allows these candles to fit all types of candle holders, easy fitting by dipping in warm water to shape-to-fit.

Awarded a gold medal in Nantes in 1924, the original hollow shape offers a classic high quality candle. Bringing a real touch of authenticity, these dripless candles will look great on your table.

Sold in their vintage box of 8 or 20. Bougies La Francaise French dripless tapered dinner candles (also called traditional trouees) are a specific candle which allows more brightness of the flame - No dripping issues - Burns up to approximately 6 hours - Perfect for restaurants, weddings or all occasions.

Bougies la Francaise over a century of candle making (a Living Heritage Company)

The excellence of French know-how

The French candle maker received in 2018, a unique recognition of French excellency and creativity honoring the company that successfully combines manufacturing with added value, passion and innovation). Bougies La Francaise is positioned at the high end of the market for 80% of its turnover and works for large luxury brands. Its client portfolio includes Vuitton, Boucheron, Dior, Guerlain, Lancome, Kenzo and Van Cleef, the Elysee Palace (French President's house). The branded candles are sold worldwide in more than 80 countries.

Awarded for a period of five years, the label brings together producers committed to the quality of their trades and products.  Created by the Law on SMEs of 2 August 2005 (Article  23), the EPV label may be awarded "to any undertaking that has economic heritage, consisting in particular of rare, renowned or ancestral skills which draw on a mastery of traditional or technically advanced techniques, and restricted to a particular geographical area".  The label is awarded by Bruno Le Maire, Minister of the Economy and Finance. A meticulous selection process for identifying talent The procedure for awarding the EPV label is carried out by experts. The evaluation and interpretation of the award criteria are entrusted to an independent national commission, the Commission Nationale des Entreprises du Patrimoine Vivant, composed of professionals who work to promote practices guaranteeing excellence within their own field of activity. The Institut Supérieur des Métiers (ISM) is responsible for providing the secretariat of the Commission and investigating label applications. Applications are examined by the ISM, opinions are sought from the regional government authorities and relevant commercial organizations, an instruction report is drawn up, company visits are made by experts in the trade, an examination is made by the Commission, and a final decision is taken by the ministers. The process for selecting EPV companies is thus a guarantee of their excellence. Support for the excellence of French know-how This mark of State recognition also provides operational support to the development of the companies concerned. It aims in particular to: facilitate their media coverage nationally and internationally; create and seize international business opportunities; encourage companies to innovate - enhance their growth, ensure the development of employment and encourage their continued existence.

At GiftOnALine we are proud to have the privilege to sell such high quality and genuine candles!

Bougies la Francaise candles and essential oils are available @ GiftOnALine.

ARTIGA French Linens 100% made in France

ARTIGA is the signature of striped canvases that have character. A range of colorful linens, accessories and interior/exterior decoration inspired by colorful French landscapes in the Landes, Southwest France.

This summer again, GiftOnALine offers bright and lovely colors with the Artiga outdoors mattresses great to set up by your pool area, they can easily be put on a wood frame or simply on the grass or sand.

The Artiga mattress is made of a cotton/acrylic blend that has a long durable canvas weaving. Made to last and really comfortable!

Enjoy summer 2020 from a comfy deckchair. We recommend our best sellers Artiga deckchairs with accessories deck chair pillows.

Personally we have 4 deckchairs in our yard and the colors bring light and joyful happy feelings.

We love Artiga and their high quality linens.

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