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New look same dripless quality candles for Thanksgiving

Updated: Nov 18, 2022

Since the 1900s, Bougies La Francaise keeps high quality candle making.

in 2022, Bougies La Francaise decided to give a modern look to the vintage box candle.

The Modern style of the box of Bougies La Francaise Hollow Dripless Candle is in harmony with these high end taper candles, for which Bougies La Francaise won the highest prize the French National Expo Fair in 1924!

Living Heritage Company Bougie La Francaise received this special label in 2018, a unique recognition of French excellence and creativity honoring a company that successfully combines manufacturing with a very high added value, passion and innovation. Their key product is Bougies La Francaise French dripless tapered dinner candles sold in a pack of 20 or 8.

Bougies La Francaise French dripless tapered dinner candles (traditional trouees) in vintage box of 8 or 20
  • Made in France since 1902

  • Specific hollow 8" taper candle which allows more brightness of the flame

  • No dripping issues

  • Burns up to 6-7 hours (approx).

  • Perfect for restaurants, weddings or all occasions.

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