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Colors of summer with Artiga bags

ARTIGA French Linens @GiftOAline

ARTIGA is the signature of striped canvases that have character. A range of colorful linens, accessories and interior/exterior decoration inspired by colorful French landscapes in the Landes, Southwest France

Colors for Basque Country in France between the pyreneen and the Atlantic Ocean.

"At the end of October, summer had returned to the Basque Country. Swimmers joined the surfers along the coast. A strong sun turned the Atlantic Ocean from green to blue. On a late Sunday morning, in the French fishing village of Ciboure, townspeople poured out of L’Église St.-Vincent, a 16th-century church with an octagonal tower" ..........We were in town in pepper season (we’d seen pickers bent over in fields) when brilliant red chiles are strung up next to the darker, crinkly ones that are further along in the process. Add these to the bold stripes of the cotton toile at Artiga, a lovely fabric shop in the little pedestrian zone, and Espelette is a blindingly colorful town

article by By Christian L. Wright New York Times

This article reminded me good days spent in the French side of Basque Country where we used to go there to visit family, it is such a beautiful place with great people, good food and beautiful colors coming down the old typical houses and boutiques who sells artisanal Basque Country products.

Artiga products reflects what you seen in Basque country but also the quality of genuine products made with an experience that you can not find on linens that are made in big factories where quantity goes against quality.

In beginning of the 20 century household linen were inspired by blankets that were worn by farming animal such as mules, horse but mainly oxen, it was a strong white cloth who protected animals from the sun and insects.

You could find seven stripes on these blankets they symbolized the seven Basque provinces ,this is were the name of BASQUE LINEN was born.

This month we introduce to you our Bags

At GiftOnAline we have a good inventory of long lasting bags made by Artiga great for grocery shopping, or conveniant shoulder bag such as the shoulder bag Garlin Corail.

We carry also the elegant Shoulder Purse with zipper Gamarde

Long durable bag such as the Sports and travel duffel bag oilcloth coated 100% cotton -

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