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Best holiday and festive candles for Christmas

Christmas time... a time of thanks, love, gathering with family and friends, and burning candles. It is the season to add beautiful scented candles to your Santa's list. We picked the Cookies star shaped scented candle by Bougies La Francaise.

One of the best ways to share this time of the year, is to add something good to your festive Christmas table. The cookies scented candle will bring a warm touch, light and delicious scented flavor. You might want to try also the Poppy Mandarin candle too!


Ancestral expertise in candle making

With over 200 years of candle making Bougies La Francaise was finally rewarded for their good work and ended up being the winner at the National Expo Fair in Nantes (France) held in 1924.

A long experience in French candle making...

Bougies La Francaise candles are available at

Happy Christmas shopping!

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