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Brighten Summer 2020 with Artiga colorful linens

ARTIGA French Linens 100% made in France

ARTIGA is the signature of striped canvases that have character. A range of colorful linens, accessories and interior/exterior decoration inspired by colorful French landscapes in the Landes, Southwest France.

This summer again, GiftOnALine offers bright and lovely colors with the Artiga outdoors mattresses great to set up by your pool area, they can easily be put on a wood frame or simply on the grass or sand.

The Artiga mattress is made of a cotton/acrylic blend that has a long durable canvas weaving. Made to last and really comfortable!

Enjoy summer 2020 from a comfy deckchair. We recommend our best sellers Artiga deckchairs with accessories deck chair pillows.

Personally we have 4 deckchairs in our yard and the colors bring light and joyful happy feelings.

We love Artiga and their high quality linens.

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